Special Note for Parent

Parents/guardians are expected to co-operate with school authorities in enforcing punctuality, regularity and discipline. Please see that your Ward revises the lessons and does the homework regularly. Parents/guardians should take an active and helpful interest in the activity of the school as activities are compulsory.

Parents/guardians are expected to look into the school almanac of their Ward daily. Remarks made in the diary should be seen and countersigned by the next day as the proof that they have been read. Failure to do so may put your ward to great embarrassment and inconvenience.

Criticism of a teacher of the school should be strictly avoided because it leads the child to lose respect for the teacher and consequent failure to learn from him/her, should you have legitimate complaint see the principal or any other authorized by the school.

As the medium of instruction of the school is English, children should be helped to follow their classes easily by the certain amount of conversation at home. Awareness of the current affairs through discussion at home goes a long way to build a base for good general knowledge and discussion ability.

No pupil should be sent to school, if suffering from a contagious or infectious disease.

Parents/guardians are requested to intimate the school office promptly about any change of address or telephone numbers if any. To enable the school office to contact them easily in the case of emergency.

Our Institution’s Assets

List of School Features

  • Entirely English Conversation,
  • Experienced and qualified teachers,
  • A healthy sports room,
  • Full of extra curricular activities,
  • Broad space to enjoy,
  • Sufficient play materials,
  • Frequent tours and excursions,
  • Providing audio - visual learning,
  • Providing Art and Craft,
  • Ensuring guaranteed all round progress,
  • The application of electronic Device (Projector) to facilitate teaching-learning process for complex topics specially in class IX & X to achieve the goal of C.B.S.E. curriculam,
  • Cartoon shows for young and budding kids for rejuvenating their life and to stimulate the ever exploring brain of theirs.
  • A Well-Equipped Science Lab,
  • A Well-Maintained Computer Lab.