All Round Development

All arts ever known to mankind revolve round our life itself. And the supreme demand of our life is the attainment of good physical health. It is the cynosure i.e. the centre of attraction and admiration for all. Happiest is the man who is rich in sound health. Only such a person can enjoy the facilities, luxuries and beauties of life well. As against it, a man of ill-health is a headache --- a headache for himself, for his family society and his nation as well. Such a person is a living corpse and burden upon this earth in the real sense of the term. Mind it, only the physically healthy citizens of a country can safeguard it from foreign attacks and internal disturbances in that physical force can be subdued by physical force alone. The meaning is all clear that good physical health is a must for our happy and long life, and we cannot deny this reality in any way. Above all, our mental, moral, intellectual, spiritual and economic health hinges upon our good physical health itself. Perhaps this was the why that led Lord Sri Krishna to say, "If you want to realize and attain God, you please first of all go to the football-ground rather than reading the Gita."

Sports give us spirit and sobriety, punctuality and promptitude, obedience and sense of ownness, and never of otherness, make us understand our responsibility and righteousness, tact and tolerance, spryness followed by stoicism, and above all fill us with a deep sense of sympathetic attitude. In such a case how can our students lag behind in games and sports! They take active part in it with all avidity, while we also inspire and enthuse them to do so, not only for having good physical health, but also for their great amusement. We provide every facility for them in this regard, and in a better way.

Above all, games and sports have become the part and parcel of our educational system to-day. We arrange intramural games and sports to achieve this end. Our students have ever been game to take active part in inter-school games and sports too, from time to time bagging many prestigious prizes. They have taken part in games and sports also organized on State and National level winning a lot of prizes. We have a long list of it. Thanks to our Games and Sports Teacher who has successfully done it. What we would like to say here is that our students' afficionado is games and sports sports with true spirit and sincerity.