April to March

Withdrawals :

  • For withdrawals of a student from the school, a calender month notice must be given in writing otherwise a month’s fees will be charged.
  • The school will issue the Transfer Certificate only When all dues have been cleared.
  • A Student can be dismissed/suspended by the school authorities on any of the following grounds :
    • Irregular attendance.
    • Non-payment or late payment of fee for three (3) consecutive months.
    • Moral breach considered serious by the school authorities.
    • Failing for two consecutive years in the same class.

Pertaining to our School

Akin to all other schools, our school also is an educational institution where we have been orienting our students from the very inchoation of its foundation with utmost attention and loving care. It is like a well-tended flower-pot indeed in which the planting of our students has been growing to the high expectations of society.

Design and Structure

  • The medium of instruction is English
  • The Comprehensive Course Content
  • Comprehensive Course defines the syllabus of C.B.S.E. and is recommended by C.B.S.E. In addition to it, students are encouraged to activities and study other recommended books where necessary.

Audio - Video

Whenever necessary, with the help of material supplemented by Audio/Video C.D., is broadcasted which can be in the form of Lectures, Practical, Counselling, etc. for better understanding and concepts. School is adding, along with conventional method of teaching, high quality digitized content and the latest teaching tools to enhance students learning through live and interactive sessions.


Assignments are an integral part of the institution. Assignments are given to the students on a daily basis schedule so that they may have daily practice on the topics.