The Infrastructure of Our School

The school has a large building fulfilling the requirements.

The school is built in 3.5 acres of land and has a large building fulfilling requirements. The school is well equipped with modern laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Geography and Computer Science. It has also a well-stacked Library having more than 5000 Books, A number of journals, newspapers are subscribed by the school. There are separate rooms for Art & Craft and Music. We have a playground of 1.5 acres for outdoor events and activities

  • Campus spreads over 3.5 acres of land.
  • World Class Library with 5000 + Books
  • State of the art Laboratories-Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Mathematics.
  • A Well-Maintained Computer Lab.
  • Entirely English Conversation,
  • Experienced and qualified teachers,
  • A healthy sports room,
  • Full of extra curricular activities,
  • Broad space to enjoy,
  • Teaching aids and play materials for intellectual stimulation.
  • Frequent tours and excursions,
  • Providing audio - visual learning,
  • Ensuring guaranteed all round progress,
  • The application of electronic Device (Projector) to facilitate teaching-learning process for complex topics specially in class IX & X to achieve the goal of C.B.S.E. curriculum,
  • Cartoon shows for young and budding kids for rejuvenating their life and to stimulate the ever exploring brain of theirs.