Our School Uniform

Withdrawals :

The policemen, the soldiers of the armed forces, the nurses of hospitals, the lawyers of the law-courts and the waiters of the deluxe hotels, etc, wear a special type of dress. They dress up themselves in such a dress to differentiate themselves from others. Their such type of dress is known as their special uniform in that it is uniform both in its form and character. We see them from a long distance and recognize them at the same time. Special dress gives a special, distinctive and attractive look indeed bringing uniformity, and of course. Our dress shapes our outer personality to a greater extent. Our school uniform leads our students to have a deep sense of ownness and never of otherness with the school. It Frees them from any sense of complex, may it be Inferiority complex or superiority complex it exhorts them to have deep sense of unity indeed.

For Secondary Section


  • Girls: Fawn colour shirt, dark mustard tunic School-Tie, chool-Belt, School-Socks, black leather shoes and a School- Badge along with I-Card.
  • Boys: Fawn colour half-shirt, Dark mustard pant, School-Tie, School-Belt, School- Socks, Black leather shoes and a School -Badge along with I-Card.


  • Girls : White Skirt, White T-Shirt, White Shocks, White Canvas Shoes, School Belt, School Badge along with I-Card.
  • Boys : White Pant, White T-Shirt, White Shocks, White Canvas Shoes, School-Belt, School-Badge along with I-Card.
  • Winter : Same as Above+
  • Girls : Coffee-Brown V-neck pullover.
  • Boys :Coffee-Brown V-neck pullover.


  • Girls : Fawn colour Salwar and coffee-brown kurti and fawn colour dupatta.
  • Boys : Fawn colour full-shirt and coffee-brown full pant.